Established in 2012 and supported by the National Institutes of Health, the Center for RNA Systems Biology (CRSB) will use systems biology to establish a fundamental basis for understanding and predicting the control of mRNA fate due to RNA structure embedded in pre-mRNA and mRNA sequences. Employing a suite of tools, researchers will detect pre-mRNA and mRNA structural features in human cells at a systems level.

The ultimate goal of the CRSB is to map the relationship between the placement of RNA structure in a pre-mRNA or mRNA sequence and mRNA fate. Rather than focusing on specific examples, Center researchers will obtain global data on RNA structure, from which underlying principles for all human pre-mRNAs and mRNAs may be obtained.

News and Noteworthy

Jennifer Doudna awarded the Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences

Science magazine calls Berkeley discoveries top breakthroughs of 2013

Jennifer Doudna talks about unraveling the mystery of CRISPR

CRSB turns 1!!! September 1st marked the completion of our first year as a NIGMS center.

Feature Publication: Rouskin S, Zubradt M, Washietl S, Kellis M, Weissman JS. (2014) Genome-wide probing of RNA structure reveals active unfolding of mRNA structures in vivo. Nature. 505(7485):701-705 PMID: 24336214

Upcoming Events

Annual Meeting of NIGMS National Centers for Systems Biology
July 17-18, 2014
San Diego, CA

Human Dicer stuck on long dsRNA. Credit: DW Taylor, HW Wang, E Nogales & JA Doudna