Sequencing Calendar

The GSL calendar reflects only those libraries that have been loaded on a sequencer or are scheduled to load that week. Data is generally returned within 24 (weekday) hours for MiSeq and 2500 runs and 48 hours for 4000 runs.

The table below the calendar reflects all other libraries in the queue. Last minute changes or instrument problems may occur and delay the running of your libraries. Instrument types are color coded to distinguish instruments within the same run type. HS4000 flow cells (green) require 8 lanes to sequence and HS2500 flow cells (dark blue) require 2 lanes to sequence. Samples can only sequence once past QC; thus, a submission with many samples may be skipped in the queue for a single sample lane submission that clears QC faster. Prioritization is first-come first-serve once QC has cleared all samples in a lane submission. Samples are QCed in the order received but large sample submissions may simply take longer to clear QC.

For a good measure of queue time, refer to previous completed samples in the queue. The time between date received and date sequenced is a good indication of your wait time. (Generally 2-4 weeks for 4000 lanes, full flow cells are generally turned around within a week of receipt). Note that the sequenced date is the date a run loads NOT data return. Refer to the calendar for projection of data return for your run.