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Please contact Hong Quach for specific instructions on sample submissions prior to getting started.

We require the following:

  1. Contact Hong Quach to initiate sample submission.
  2. Preferably, blood samples should be provided in 10 mL vacutainers. Please notify us if any tubes need to be pooled together for extractions, otherwise, each tube will be treated as separate individual samples.
  3. Salivas should be collected in Oragene tubes.
  4. Box names (e.g cryboxes/gridded boxes holding blood samples) should match the names in the Sample Submission Form exactly.
  5. Sample IDs should be noted clearly on the side of the sample tubes and match the IDs provided on the Sample Submission Form exactly.
  6. Any replicate samples should be suffixed with -1 and -2, etc.
  7. Please notify us if your samples are potentially infectious. We are a BSL2 facility and can only accept samples classified for a BSL2 (or lower) environment.

Sample Drop off Location:

Hong  Quach
431 Stanley Hall
M-F 10am-5pm

Shipping Samples to the Biospecimen Processing Facility

Please contact Hong Quach prior to sending in your samples for the appropriate shipping conditions. Samples should be shipped overnight to the following address:

Hong Quach
University of California Berkeley
431 Stanley Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3220
(510) 643-0829

If you have any questions regarding sample submission for Illumina Arrays, please contact Hong Quach,, 510.643.0829.