Berkeley startup aims to be a game changer in autoimmune disease therapy

In January 2020, Marco Lobba had developed a new way of fusing proteins together that he thought could help treat autoimmune diseases like lupus, multiple sclerosis or Type 1 diabetes. A year later, he and Geo Guillen remotely launched Catena Biosciences, turning the potentially lifesaving idea into a successful company.

Harnessing Nature’s Machinery

Postdoctoral scholar Briana Van Treeck examines how scientists are exploiting the unique abilities of an enzyme to increase throughput and decrease bias in RNA sequencing.

The health lab in your pocket

The lack of widely available testing has been a major roadblock to containing a virus that people can spread without showing, or even feeling, any symptoms. A COVID-19 test is Dan Fletcher’s latest transformation of cell phones into mobile diagnostic tools.