The QB3 Garage@Berkeley in Stanley Hall features approximately 800 square feet of wet laboratory space, set up with eight stations for incubator use.

Each station offers bench and desk space, and network connections. Resident companies also share use of a prep bench with standard lab facilities, along with space for floor-standing equipment such as a refrigerator, freezer, or centrifuge.

Resident companies also have access to QB3-Berkeley’s core research facilities

Current startups in the QB3-Berkeley Garage include:

  • BioChoric is a leading provider of isochoric preservation devices, analysis, and expertise.
  • Panazee is developing a rapid point-of-care, high-sensitivity Troponin immuno-assay for Myocardial Infarction detection for use in emergency rooms.
  • Teralytic is a team of passionate soil scientists, engineers, and data scientists who are committed to providing farmers with real-time data about their soil, helping them make better decisions about their crops and improve their yields.
  • Vellum Biotechnology is a VC-backed biotech startup developing a novel nucleic acid extraction technology for improved PCR and sequencing diagnostic research.

The following companies were previously part of the QB3-Berkeley Garage:

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