Winter Curtailment

Winter curtailment will begin on Saturday, December 23, 2023 through Tuesday, January 2, 2024. Normal operations will resume Wednesday, January 3, 2024. During curtailment, services will be very limited.

  • Emergencies. For an immediate threat to life and safety, please call 911 from any campus landline phone or push the red button on a Blue Light emergency phone. From a cell phone, dial 510-642-3333.
  • Security. Please bring your Cal 1 card and key(s) with you at all times. There will be no service to provide access if locked out.
  • Building. Stanley Admin & Facilities Office will be closed. Our 24/7 on-call line will remain available. Call 510-326-0496 for building emergencies only. Some examples of building emergencies:
    • Smoke, fire, or gas leaks
    • Building or floor-wide power outages
    • Active leak due to rain, a break in the water line, or an overflowing toilet
    • Elevator entrapment
    • Exterior doors not closing/locking
    • Inquiry about backup freezer availability due to unexpected equipment failure
  • Lighting. Campus observed holidays (December 25 and January 1) will have a lighting schedule like the weekend. Please familiarize yourself with the instructions for telephone overrides if you plan to come in on those days.
  • Liquid Nitrogen. Many labs refill liquid nitrogen the day before winter curtailment. A rush of refills could deplete our bulk tanks. Please plan ahead and do multiple partial fills instead.
  • Custodial Services. There will not be any routine cleaning. Cal Zero Waste will continue to collect wastes from our dumpster and wheel carts out on our loading dock.
  • Facilities Services. Only emergency support will be available.
  • Mail Services. No mail during the curtailment period.
  • Receiving. The receiving department will be closed. No receiving or deliveries will take place during that period.
  • VWR Stockroom. The stockroom will be unattended. Stanley Hall researchers who have access to the stockroom will be able to use the stockroom. VWR will increase the inventory of popular items before curtailment.

Shutdown Calendar

See calendar below for advisories about autoclaves, glasswashers, and ice machines that are temporarily out of service.

To view equipment status in Stanley Hall, please visit this Google spreadsheet.

To report an incident or an update to the status page, please email