Alex Pines stands in front of the new Pines Magnetic Resonance Center

New Pines Center resonates with promise

Alex Pines, Glenn T. Seaborg Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, has had a remarkable career as a groundbreaking researcher and beloved teacher. Pines is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society; holds honorary degrees from the Universities of Rome, Paris, Marseilles, Amritsar, and the Weizmann Institute of Science; and his many…

The many flavors of genomics, all in one place: QB3 Genomics

Christopher Hann-Soden discusses the breadth of services offered at UC Berkeley’s QB3 Genomics Core Facility. The QB3 Genomics core research facility is an umbrella term for three separate UC Berkeley research facilities devoted to different stages of high throughput sequencing and genomics experiments. Hundreds of researchers turn to QB3 Genomics including almost all researchers who…

Cross-campus collaboration: Meet CTAF/HTSF core facility director Mary West

Mary West, the director of the Cell and Tissue Analysis Facility and the High Throughput Screening Facility, explains how core facilities increase researchers’ access to equipment and highlights how these facilities play a crucial role in supporting labs’ work during campus COVID-19 restrictions.