Bags of plastic bottles

How to make plastic truly biodegradable

UC Berkeley’s Ting Xu and her students have come up with one solution for the global problem of single-use plastics: embed enzymes in the plastic, so that once the bag or cup is no longer wanted, it will self-destruct with a little heat and water.

The health lab in your pocket

The lack of widely available testing has been a major roadblock to containing a virus that people can spread without showing, or even feeling, any symptoms. A COVID-19 test is Dan Fletcher’s latest transformation of cell phones into mobile diagnostic tools.

Green algae reveals one mRNA encodes many proteins

Research from Sabeeha Merchant’s lab uncovered that, among two species of green algae (Chlamydomonas reinhardtii  and Chromochloris zofingiensis), two or more genes are encoded on a single molecule of mRNA.