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The QB3 Cell and Tissue Analysis Facility provides cell culture equipment and instrumentation needed to grow and assess mammalian cells including flow cytometry, automated epifluorescence, confocal, and multiphoton imaging, as well as a histology suite with cryosectioning equipment. The High-Throughput Screening Facility provides expert staff for training, services, and cell culturing space for HT automated cell seeding, liquid handling equipment, multi-label plate reader and high-content automated confocal imaging for any type of multi-well, multi-conditional mammalian cell experiments.


Mary West
QB3-Berkeley CTAF/HTSF Facilities Director

B108 Stanley Hall
Berkeley, California 94720-3220

Pingping He
HTSF Manager

344 Li Ka Shing Center
Berkeley, California 94720-3370

Deepa Sridharan
HTSF Project Scientist

344D Li Ka Shing Center
Berkeley, California 94720-3370

Professor David Schaffer
QB3-Berkeley Director, CTAF/HTSF Faculty Director

274 Stanley Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3220