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Human Cell Culturing Room and Equipment

Specialized Imaging Equipment

ImageXpress Micro by Molecular Devices; Automated Epifluorescence Microscopy and Analysis Workstation

  • MetaXpress Software Analysis Guide
  • IXM objective options
  • IXM filter sets

Lionheart FX by Agilent/Biotek; Automated Inverted Epifluorescence Microscopy and Analysis Workstation for Microfluidic Devices, and Slide imaging

Multiphoton/Confocal (Swept Field Confocal) Microscopy by Prairie Technologies

Perfusion and Heated Stage Platform by Warner Instruments/Harvard Apparatus Company

BioPlex MAGPIX Multiplex Reader by BioRad
BioPlex and pierceable seals

Genomics Equipment

BioRad qPCR CFX Connect 96w

BioRad qPCR assay design optimization

BioRad Gene_Pulser with mammalian cell and bacterial/yeast shock pods

Gene Pulser XCell Manual 4006217A

Electroporation Quick Guide 4006218A.pdf

BioRad Thermal Cycler T100

T100 Instruction Manual 10020523.pdf

Histology Equipment

Cryotome Thermo “Red” 77210163 620 & E Operator Guide (Issue 2)
Microtome 386040 HM 500 OM Instruction Manual
Rotary Microtome HM 355 S Instruction Manual

Helpful Resource

Flow Cytometry Analysis and FACS sample preparation