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Human Cell Culturing Room and Equipment

Specialized Imaging Equipment

ImageXpress Micro by Molecular Devices; Automated Epifluorescence Microscopy and Analysis Workstation

  • MetaXpress Software Analysis Guide
  • IXM objective options
  • IXM filter sets

Lionheart FX by Agilent/Biotek; Automated Inverted Epifluorescence Microscopy and Analysis Workstation for Microfluidic Devices, and Slide imaging

Multiphoton/Confocal (Swept Field Confocal) Microscopy by Prairie Technologies

Perfusion and Heated Stage Platform by Warner Instruments/Harvard Apparatus Company

FC500 Flow Cytometry by Beckman-Coulter
FC-500 Getting Started
FC500 Manual Instructions for Use
Flow Cytometry Spectra Summary
Tips for preparation of samples on FC500
Kaluza Flow Cytometry Software Guide A75667AC

Guava Flow Cytometry by EMD/Millipore
easyCyte HT FINAL
Exporting InCyte Data to FlowJo

BioPlex MAGPIX Multiplex Reader by BioRad
BioPlex and pierceable seals

Chemical Synthesis Hood with Photo Resist Spinner

Histology Equipment
Cryotome Thermo “Red” 77210163 620 & E Operator Guide (Issue 2)
Microtome 386040 HM 500 OM Instruction Manual
Rotary Microtome HM 355 S Instruction Manual

Helpful Links

Flow Cytometry Analysis and FACS sample preparation
Electroforce 3200 by Bose Electronics, applications, and accessories