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During Covid-19 Please Note:

The GSL is open. Currently all off-campus samples MUST arrive via delivery (FedEx/UPS/etc). For on-campus sample drop-off, please contact the VC GSL ( to make arrangements. We are currently operating at decreased capacity due to University guidelines. This will affect turn-around time. Thank you for your understanding.


QB3 Genomics is a partnership between the Vincent J. Coates Genomics Sequencing Lab ( GSL – B206 Stanley Hall), the Functional Genomics Laboratory (FGL – 255 LSA) for Library Preparation, and the Computational Genomics Resources Facility (CGRL) for server access and bioinformatics resources. QB3 Genomics offers various library preparation and Next-Generation Sequencing services on Illumina’s NovaSeq, HiSeq and MiSeq platforms, the PacBio Sequel II system, as well as array services on an Illumina iScan. QB3 Genomics is also available for custom nucleic acid extraction services for bulk gDNA/RNA or High Molecular Weight gDNA. QB3 Genomics also offers full service Human Genome and Human Exome services in addition to 16s/ITS amplicon microbial community analysis services.

QB3 Genomics’ mission is to make genomics processing affordable to UC Berkeley and the greater genomics community.

Please visit our other pages for detailed information regarding our services, sample submissions, and how to cite our facility. We are here to support your science so please feel free to contact us at anytime. We look forward to serving your research needs.


Justin (Yoon Gi) Choi, PhD
Scientific Director & Lab Director

Shana McDevitt
Managing Director and Lab Director

Christopher Hann-Soden
Director of Informatics
(direct all questions to this email address)

For direct submissions

Library prep –

Illumina sequencing only and all PacBio –

Professors Professors John Ngai, Don Rio, and Dan Rokhsar
Faculty Directors