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This page documents the use of the QB3 Genomics user portal and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for making and monitoring submissions.

Registration and Login

UC researchers at all ten campuses need to send their name and institutional email address to to request an account.

All other researchers may self register through the portal.

Your username is the same as your UC (e.g. email address, except with the domain changed to For example the username for would be Non-UC researchers’ user names are the same as their email address.

Billing Accounts

In addition to entering your contact information on your user profile, you must create one or more billing accounts prior submission. You can give these billing accounts a helpful nickname and select which account to use for each submission. Billing Accounts cannot be shared between users.

To create a billing account, go to the “Billing Accounts” page, then click the “New” button.

If paying using a UC Chartstring:

  1. Select “Internal Price” under the Billing Account Price Type.
  2. Provide the complete chartstring or speedtype you would like to use.
  3. Select or enter an additional contact who will receive updates about this submission, such as your fund admin.

If paying using a PO:

  1. Select “External Price” or “Affiliate Price” under the Billing Account Price Type.
  2. If you have a standing PO, you may enter that number now. Otherwise, leave this field blank and you can enter a PO for each submission after generating a quote.
  3. Enter an Invoice Contact for who should be contacted regarding payment.

If paying using a Credit Card

  1. Select “External Price” or “Affiliate Price” under the Billing Account Price Type.
  2. Check the box for “Credit Card Payment”.
  3. Enter an Invoice Contact for who should be contacted regarding payment.

Affiliate Pricing

The following labs are affiliates who qualify for our Affiliate Pricing:

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • The Joint Genome Institute
  • Children’s Hospital of Oakland Research Institute
  • Mills College

Creating Submissions

Select “Create New Submission” to begin the guided submission process. Please read all instructions carefully, as proper and detailed information is essential to understanding your experimental requirements. You may contact Christopher Hann-Soden for advice in planning your experiment and selecting services.

You must complete your submission in a single session. Partial submissions cannot be completed at a later time.

A Sample Manifest will be created for your submission. Please print this manifest and include it with your samples whether you are shipping your samples or dropping them off personally.

Submissions using a UC Chartstring

After completing your submission you, your PI, your labs fund manager (if listed in your Lab Account), and any additional contact listed on your Billing Account will receive an emailed summary of the submission. This list of contacts will also be notified every time a change is made to the submission. If anything is wrong with the summary, such as the cost estimate or the listed chartstring, please respond directly to these summaries.

Submissions using a PO

At the end of your submission creation a quote will be generated for you. Please use this quote to generate a PO. Once you have a PO, come back to the portal and view your submission in the “All Submissions” page and add your PO to the submission. You may ship or drop off your samples immediately. QC only and small projects (<$500) will be done immediately, and will only require prior entry of a PO should we run into consistent problems when invoicing. Large projects (>$500) will not enter our work queue until you enter a PO.

If you entered a standing PO in your Billing Account, this PO will be applied automatically and no further action is required before we begin work.

Submissions using a Credit Card

No further approval is necessary. We will call your Invoice Contact once work is complete to process the credit card payment.