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The GSL provides various types of genomics services. Please select from the following for more detailed information regarding our service.

1. Illumina Platform Library Preparation and Sequencing

For questions about Illumina library prep and/or sequencing please contact the GSL Director, Christopher Hann-Soden.

Sequencing by-the-Sample (BTS)

Our Full Service options are prepped and sequenced at a per sample rate. BTS samples are sequenced in NovaSeq 6000 S4 lanes, providing 150 bp paired-end reads. Samples are automatically re-queued until they reach the target sequencing depth. The per sample rate covers standard library preparation and sequencing to the specified target depth. Custom preps, including low input preps and RNA preps using ribodepletion will incur additional fees for these services, and additional sequencing depth can be ordered for each sample in 10 Gbp (~37M reads) increments.

Additionally, BTS sequencing can be ordered on libraries prepared using our UDI primer sets. Sequencing is ordered in 10 Gbp (~37M reads) increments per sample using the Extra Data rate. Please contact the FGL to request indexing primers at cost. Indexing primers are provided in 96-well plates, with 12ul at 5uM in each well. We recommend using 5ul per reaction and reserving another 5ul in case a repeat is needed.

Indexing Primer Set Cost (UC/Affiliate/External):

  • Single Plate (1 rxn) – $150 / $165 / $172.50
  • Set of 152 (1 rxn) – $225 / $247.50 / $258.75
  • Full Set of 384 (1 rxn) – $550 / $605 / $632.50

Sequencing by-the-Lane

The GSL can accommodate sequencing of prepared Illumina libraries in full lanes. Flowcells and run formats not listed below or on our rates sheet can be accommodated, but 1) the user must fill the entire flowcell, 2) the kit must be provided, or its cost can be charged, 3) turn around time may be longer as we wait for the kit to ship.

NovaSeq 6000 Platform

  • Patterned flowcells
  • 2 color chemistry (low signal interpreted as G)
  • Highest capacity allows for the most cost effective multiplexing
  • SP Flowcells – 2 lanes – 400M reads
  • S1 Flowcells – 2 lanes – 1G reads
  • S4 Flowcells  – 4 lanes – 3G reads

HiSeq 4000 Platform

  • Patterned flowcell
  • 8 lanes
  • 350M reads
  • 50bp single end reads only

MiSeq Platform

  • Random lawn flowcell
  • single lane (often fastest turnaround)
  • v3 Flowcell – 20M reads
  • v2 Nano Flowcell – 1M reads

2. Pacific Biosciences Sequel Library Generation and Sequencing

UCB has 2 PacBio Sequel systems in-house and can prep any type of PacBio library. For questions not answered on the linked page please email the GSL Director, Christopher Hann-Soden.

3. 16s/ITS/18s (iTag) Library Generation and Sequencing

Full service 16s, ITS, or 18s amplicon library preparation and Illumina MiSeq v3 300PE sequencing services per sample in a 96-well plate format, minimum 2 plates. For questions not answered on the linked page please email the GSL Facility Manager, Carrianne Miller.

4. Biospecimen Processing

Standard Molecular Weight Extractions suitable for Illumina sequencing are handled by the Biospecimen Processing Facility. They can handle blood, saliva, stool, soil, and FFPE samples at a BSL1 or BSL2 level. Please contact Hong Quach for this service.

High Molecular Weight Extractions from any tissue (BSL1/2) suitable for PacBio and Oxford Nanopore are provide by the GSL.