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The GSL provides various types of genomics services. Please select from the following for more detailed information regarding our service.

1. Illumina Platform Library Preparation and Sequencing

The GSL can accommodate sequencing of pre-prepared Illumina libraries or can facilitate the preparation of various types of Illumina libraries through the FGL. We currently multiplex with up to 384 dual unique indices or 960 unique combinatorial indexes (PCR-free and Methylated options available). UDI Indexing PCR sets are available for free to UCB researchers. For questions about Illumina library prep and/or sequencing please contact the GSL Director,

NovaSeq 6000 Platform: (S4 lanes only, S’ coming soon!!!!)
~3Billion Reads per lane and 850-900Gb
4 lanes per flow cell
Patterned Flowcell, 2 color chemistry
Highest capacity allows for the most cost effective multiplexing

HiSeq4000 Platform: High Output Mode
300M-400M Reads per lane (Throughput (Gb) varies by run type and library size- larger inserts reduce read count)
8 lanes per flow cell
Patterned Flowcell
Higher capacity allows for cost effective multiplexing

HiSeq2500 Platform: Rapid Run Mode (Available through June 2018 only)
240M-300M reads per flowcell
Random Oligo Lawn Flowcell

MiSeq v3 Platform
15M-25M reads per flowcell (Nano run 150PE offers 1M reads
Random Oligo Lawn Flowcell

2. Pacific Biosciences Sequel Library Generation and Sequencing

UCB has 2 PacBio Sequel systems in-house and can prep any type of PacBio library. For questions not answered on the linked page please email the GSL Director, Shana McDevitt (linked page under construction)

3. 16s/ITS (iTag) Library Generation and Sequencing

Full service 16s, ITS, or custom amplicon library preparation and Illumina MiSeq v3 300PE sequencing services per sample, no minimum required, faster turnaround for batches of 192 amplicons. For questions not answered on the linked page please email the GSL Facility Manager, Dylan Smith

4. Biospecimen Processing

Blood, Saliva, Stool, Soil, FFPE extractions for Illumina (BSL1/2)
High Molecular Weight extractions from any tissue (BSL1/2) for PacBio and Oxford Nanopore