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QB3 Genomics’ current rates are available on this spreadsheet.

Only UC approved rates are posted online; however, many services are available on a custom basis.

Rates are subject to change throughout the year but as per UC policy may change annually on July 1. Submissions will be impacted by the rates in the submission system at the time your samples are received not at the time your submission is generated. 

External user quotes will be honored for the terms dictated on the quote (generally 60 days, but always expire on 6/30 of the issuing year). External quotes should be requested to generate POs or billing accounts before generating a submission in our system. Samples must be received at the lab within the quote terms for older rates to be honored.

Please reach out to Shana McDevitt for all quotes; UC users will not be provided physical quotes but are always encouraged to reach out with questions.

If you have any questions regarding these rates, please contact Shana McDevitt.

Affiliate rates are extended to researchers at LBNL & LLNL, the JGI, CHORI, Mills College, and Co-funded collaborators of UCB PIs (with written confirmation from the UCB PI).

External rates apply to all other groups (non-profit and for-profit). We do not charge sales tax.

Quotes & POs

At this time, our online submission system will assume you have your samples ready to submit and is not optimized to generate quotes before you are ready to submit. If you need to get a quote before submitting your samples please reach out to Shana McDevitt.

If you are ready to submit your samples, with all sample information in hand, proceed to our online submission portal, you can get a quote and generate your submission at the same time. You can generate a fund account and add your PO later, we do not require external users to add a verified PO# in order to submit samples.

POs should be set-up by your home institute, we do not require any contract or PO in place to work with any entity but it is the user’s responsibility to know the rules within your own institute. If you request work you will be billed and expected to pay whether you followed the rules at your institute or not.

You may obtain UC Berkeley’s current W-9 from the Controller’s Office webpage.

Please contact our Financial Analyst to get bank or DUNS information.

Business Contracts

The fastest way by far to set up a contract is through UC Berkeley’s Research Infrastructure Commons. If our template contract is acceptable, it can be approved and signed within a couple weeks.

Other contracts can take 4-6 months to be approved by the UC contracts office, so please start the contract conversation immediately if you require a contract to work with us.

Please contact Shana McDevitt for all contractual matters.

Invoicing Timeline

Pre-billing is not allowed for any work. Do not ask for any amount, for any reasonBilling is performed once a month at the end of the month and invoices are (generally) sent the third week of the month following billing. If your funds are expiring and you need urgent billing please let us know before you submit your work. If you cannot allow 2 months for invoicing and payment do not submit without approval from the GSL Director (or one month to complete your work for UC).