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The sequencing machine queues reflect those libraries that have been loaded on a sequencer or are scheduled to load that week. Data is generally returned within 24 (weekdays/non-holiday) hours post run. These sample tables reflect all sample received by the GSL. If you believe your sample should be listed and is not present, please do let us know ( Samples sent for library prep and sequencing will first appear in the library prep tabs and then move into the sequencing machine tabs, library prep to sequencing generally takes 4-6 weeks depending on the size of the project.

Last minute changes or instrument problems may occur and delay the running of libraries. Prioritization is generally first-come first-serve once QC has cleared. However, sample prioritization does take in account such things as requested number of lanes.

You may refer to previous completed samples in the queue to get an estimate of your wait time. Note that the “sequenced date” is the date that a run loads and NOT the data of the data return. To expedite the data return process, please ensure you have filled out a submission form in its entirety and any user qc/indexes have been emailed to us upon submission.

If an data processing issue is encountered, one of our team members will reach out. As a result, your data retrieval timeline may be affected. Data emails are typically sent during business hours, after review. If you haven’t heard from us by the business day following the maximum estimated processing time for your type of sequencing lane, please contact us at Please see the following chart for processing timelines:

Instrument Flowcell Approximate Processing Time
MiSeq nano <1 hour
MiSeq v3 1 hour
HiSeq 4000 3 hours
NextSeq 2000 P1 1 hour
NextSeq 2000 P2 2-3 hours
NextSeq 2000 P3 5-7 hours
NovaSeq 6000 SP 4-5 hours
NovaSeq 6000 S1 8-12 hours
NovaSeq 6000 S4 3 days


Data upload (all runs) 1 day
Demultiplexing only 4-16 hours
CCS 1-2 days
IsoSeq 2-4 days