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The mission of the QB3 Computational Genomics Resource Laboratory (CGRL) is to serve as a focal point for scientists interested in comprehensive analysis of next generation sequencing data. The CGRL aims to provide

  • Computational infrastructure for data analysis
  • Training in analytical tools for next-generation sequence data
  • Project-specific consultation on experiment design and analysis

In addition, CGRL is integrated with the Vincent J. Coates Genomics Sequencing Laboratory (GSL) and the Functional Genomics Laboratory (FGL) to keep ahead of new developments. Users of these sequencing facilities will have the option of seamlessly transferring data and carrying out secondary and tertiary analysis of their data utilizing the CGRL computing infrastructure.


The CGRL provides free 1 hour consultations on specific projects. Subsequent consultations are charged at our hourly rate of $100/hr for UC researchers and $115/hr for external researchers.

You may schedule a consultation or introductory meeting with us through our Calendly scheduler.

High Performance Computing

The CGRL provides access to the Rosalind computing condo within the campus HPC cluster, Savio, supported by semi-monthly membership fees. For details on the Rosalind condo and its usage, please see this section of the Savio documentation.

CGRL Rosalind Condo Access UC Affiliate
Up to 5 users $270 $405 per 2 months
Additional User $55 $83 per 2 months

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