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Customized Library Preps for NGS

  1. custom DNA-seq or RNA-seq
  2. Amplification of cDNA or gDNA using SMART-Seq kit (TaKaRa Bio) or REPLI-g (for cDNA or DNA from Qiagen)
    We recommend collecting your cells or tissue in Trizol. Please contact us first if you have less than 100 cells
  3. miRNA-seq/Small RNA-seq
    We are using RealSeq (Somagenics) to construt miRNA-seq libraries from total RNA (100ng). The rate is same as RNA-seq High -input plus Pippin prep.
  4. Pippin prep
    We are using Pippin prep to size select for NGS-libraries, this service can be used as a customized service. Please contact us if you are interested in using the Pippin prep service.
  5. Captured library prep – Exome, custom panels…
  6. Please contact us if you do not find your application here. We might be able to help you as a customized collaboration project.

Sample Purification

We can provide this service as a collaboration project, or a trial project if you do not have any experience with Molecular Biology methiods or cannot access a molecular biology lab.