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All submissions should be made through our submission portal. See instructions, here.

Large projects (>$500) will require approval from your fund manager or a PO before work begins.

Submission instructions differ depending on the service required. Please choose from one of the following to find detailed instructions regarding submission:

  1. Submitting for Illumina Platform Library Preparation or Full Service Sequencing
  2. Submitting for Illumina Sequencing of Prepared Libraries
  3. Submitting for Biospecimen Processing (Whole blood/DNA/RNA extractions)
  4. Submitting for PacBio Library Preparation and/or Sequencing

Sample Drop off Locations:

Sequencing & PacBio Services
B206 Stanley Hall
M-F 10am-5pm
Illumina Library Prep & Single Cell Services
255 Weill Hall (formerly LSA)
M-F 10am-5pm
Illumina Arrays & Biospecimen Processing
Hong Quach
431 Stanley Hall
M-F 10am-5pm

Shipping Samples to VCGSL:
Please ship your samples on dry ice overnight to the appropriate address:

Sequencing & PacBio Library Prep
B206 Stanley Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3220
(510) 666-3372
Illumina Library Prep 
255 Weill Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3200
(510) 642-1165