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The QB3 MacroLab is a core service facility that operates on a recharge basis with varying rates for UC users and those not affiliated with UC.

Automated methodologies substantially decrease the price per sample, however not everyone needs a plate of 96 clones or proteins, and we are happy to take on any size project.  Many projects begin with creating expression clones and culminate in the delivery of purified proteins.  The MacroLab also can assist in any number of steps in this process.

Researchers requesting MacroLab services vary widely.  Biochemistry and structure labs often request our 96-well services to screen for well-behaved proteins amenable to purification.  Genetic labs have requested various types of 96-well gene libraries.  Labs that do not specialize in our methodologies, such as computational and drug screening labs, have requested MacroLab to perform all of their cloning and protein purification. In addition, many of our in-house labs save substantially on our high-quality reagents.