Open Philanthropy awards Conboy lab $3 million to study mechanisms of aging

Open Philanthropy recently announced that QB3-Berkeley faculty affiliate Irina Conboy has been recommended a grant of $3,042,600 over three years to support research led by the Conboy on the mechanisms of aging.

In her previous work, Conboy has identified ten new biomarkers and a set of pathways that may potentially be involved in the repression of biological renewal and repair in older mice and humans. This grant will fund the development of tools to trace tissue-specific changes associated with aging and rejuvenation through blood “dilution” techniques (e.g. apheresis, therapeutic blood exchange, and albumin replacement) in mice.

About the grant, Open Philanthropy noted on its website: “We hope this work will contribute to our understanding of the biology of aging and could identify druggable targets that might be better suited for future clinical trials.”

This follows Open Philanthropy’s June 2019 support, falls within their work on scientific research (specifically within our interest in advancing transformative basic science), and is a product of their investigation into research on the mechanisms of aging.

Read the announcement on the Open Philanthropy website.