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Below is the lab equipment that is currently available for use in the BNC. Please contact the managing director for specific availability information. Schedule equipment use here.


Mask Aligner (1) OAI Model 204
Mask Aligner (2) OAI Model 206
Thin/Thick Resist and Polymer Spinners:
Laurel Spinners for chip General Purpose
Glass substrates General Purpose
2-inch to 6-inch diameter wafers. General Purpose
Full Lithography Processing Capabilities:
VacuumSpin, bake, align, expose, post-bake, develop, and clean stations. Degassing Station
Dry Film lamination Capabilities:
Vacuum Degassing stations
Silanization Vapor Deposition Station
Scales for Silicone (PDMS) formulations
Curing Stations with Hot Plates and Ovens
Surface Modification Stations for Both Wet and Dry Surface Treatments:
Both Solvent and Acid Chemical hoods
Wafer Saw for silicon or glass substrate cutting
Full Optical and Stylus Metrology for Topology and Profile Measurements:
Optical Profilometer: Keyence 3D laser profile measurement system with full analysis software.
Stylus Profilometer: Dektak stylus profilometers
Optical Microscopy for Inspections and Analysis:
Zeiss Universal with Differential Interference Contrast Microscope
Leica Light and Dark Field Microscope
World Precision Macro Documentation Video Microscope
Nikon Inverted Microscope
Electron Microscopy:
FEI Quanta 3D FEG FIB with materials analysis EDX and EBSD, microindenter, OmniProbe, and STEM
FEI SCIOS 2 LoVac Dual Beam FIB with materials analysis EDX and EBSD, Nanomanipulator, Film Deposition
Helium Ion Microscopy:
Zeiss Orion NanoFab
X-Ray Photoemission Spectroscopy:
Physical Instruments 5600/5800 for small area elemental composition and chemical state analysis of materials surfaces; analysis of insulating samples using electron beam neutralization during analysis; depth profiling of surfaces and interfaces.
Baking, Annealing, and Sintering Furnaces and Ovens:
Vulcan 3-550 Furnaces
Neytech QEX Furnaces
Centurion Q50 Vacuum Oven
High Temperature Quartz Tube Furnace
High Temperature Presses for Hot Embossing
Thermal glass bonding station
Anodic bonding station
Thin Film Deposition and Etching:
PETS RIE (Reactive Ion Etcher)
Modified NRC Thermal Evaporator
Modified CommonWealth Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System
Tergeo Plasma Etching, Cleaning, and Surface Modification System
Barrel Plasma etcher.
Biological Instruments:
Chemical and Biological Hoods Nuaire
Incubators (Permission for shared use required)
Specimen Storage Refrigerators
Sterilizer Mark II
Syringe Pumps
Mettler Scales
Lab Rotator
Ultrasonic Bath
Sutter Instrument Pipette Puller
GenePix Array Scanner
Prototype/Fixture Machine Shop:
Band Saw Grizzly Model G0621
Drill Press Delta/GMC/Craftsman
Grinder Grizzly Model H8126
Lathe Grizzly Model G0602
Mill/Drill Grizzly Model G0463
Sander/Grinder Grizzly Model H6070
Stocked Chemicals:
Acids Hydrofluoric, Nitric, Hydrochloric, Sulfuric, Perchloric, Chrome Etch, Gold Etch
Bases Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide
Gases O2, N2, Ar, SF6, CF4
Non-acidic Oxidizer Hydrogen Peroxide
PDMS Sylgard 184
Photoresist Support Developers, Primers, Strippers
Solvents Acetone, n-Propanol (Isopropyl)