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Below is the lab equipment that is currently available for use in the BNC. Please contact the managing director for specific availability information. Schedule equipment use here.


Mask Aligner (1) OAI Hybraline Series 400 Aligner
Mask Aligner (2) OAI Series 200 Aligner
Heidelberg DWL 66 Mask Making Machine
Resist and Polymer Spinners
Brewer Science Spinner (1) General Purpose
Brewer Science Spinner (2) General Purpose
Laurel Spinner (1) General Purpose
Laurel Spinner (2) Glass Slides Use Only
Soft Lithography & PDMS Processing
Vacuum Degassing Station
Silanization Vapor Deposition Station
Fairbanks Weight Scale
Curing Hot Plates Station
Jelight UV Ozone Surface Modification System
Tegal Plasmod O2 Plasma Surface Modification System
EPI Plasma Prep II O2 Plasma Surface Modification System
Optical Profilometer ADE Phaseshift Optical Profilometer
Surface Stylus Profilometer Veeco Sloan Dektak II
Surface Stylus Profilometer Veeco Dektak 3030
Light Microscopes
Light Microscope with Differential Interference Contrast Zeiss Universal
Macro Documentation Video Microscope World Precision
Inverted Microscopy for Biological Imaging Nikon Eclipse Ti
Electron Microscopes
Environmental SEM FEI/Philips XL30
SEM with EDX Hitachi 2460 with KEVEX (EDX)
SEM with Ion Beam FEI Quanta 3D FEG FIB with cryostage,
microindenter, and in-vacuo micromanipulator
Furnaces and Ovens
Vulcan 3-550
VWR Vacuum Oven
Neytech QEX Vacuum Oven
Centurion Q50 Vacuum Oven
Glass Wafer Drill Flashcut CNC Mechanical Drill
Manual Glass Mills
Thermal Glass Substrate to Substrate Bonder PETS High Temperature
Annealing System
Carver Press with Annealing Heater Plates
HEPA Filter Assembly Clean Bench
Thin Film Deposition & Etching
Cook Vacuum Products CVE 301 Evaporator
PETS Reactive Ion Echer (RIE)
Biological Experimentation
Chemical and Biological Hoods Nuaire
Incubators (Permission for shared use required)
Specimen Storage Refrigerators
Sterilizer Mark II
Syringe Pumps
Mettler Scales
Lab Rotator
Ultrasonic Bath
Sutter Instrument Pipette Puller
Prototype/Fixture Machine Shop
Band Saw Grizzly Model G0621
Drill Press Delta/GMC/Craftsman
Grinder Grizzly Model H8126
Lathe Grizzly Model G0602
Mill/Drill Grizzly Model G0463
Sander/Grinder Grizzly Model H6070
Stocked Chemicals
Acids Hydrofluoric, Nitric, Hydrochloric, Sulfuric, Perchloric, Chrome Etch, Gold Etch
Bases Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide
Gases O2, N2, Ar, SF6, CF4
Non-acidic Oxidizer Hydrogen Peroxide
PDMS Sylgard 184
Photoresist Support Developers, Primers, Strippers
Solvents Acetone, n-Propanol (Isopropyl)