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If information derived from mass spectral data obtained by the Facility is a significant part of the intellectual content of a publication, i.e., the publication would not be possible without the data, then the Facility, appropriate personnel, and funding source(s) associated with the instrument(s) used to acquire the data should be acknowledged. Specific grant numbers will be provided upon request. An e-mail message containing full citation details should be sent to the manager of the Facility, Dr. Ulla Andersen (email:, shortly after the publication appears in the literature. The Facility uses this information for grant reporting purposes and for obtaining additional instrumentation and capabilities in the future. In cases where facility personnel contribute extensive amounts of time and intellectual effort towards data analysis or methods development, e.g., working either on their own or in close collaboration with a researcher on multiple occasions to obtain data that could not be obtained through routine acquisition, then co-authorship should be considered.