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All services are available to UC researchers on a recharge basis. Others may purchase services directly. All potential users are urged to contact facility staff to discuss their project before submitting samples.

Proteomics/Mass Spec Laboratory Recharge Rates

1D Run (RP LC-MS/MS) $100/run $220/run
2D “MudPIT” Run (cation exchange/RP LC-MS/MS) $230/run $480/run
High resolution $283/run $600
High resolution w/Fractionation $775/run $2500/run

Sample Preparation (you can do this yourself to save money)

Supply of reagents to researchers
— Spec tip for sample desalting
Desalting of a sample by spec tip $25 $60
Single enzyme digestion, first sample $70 $160
Single enzyme digestion, additional samples $10 ea $25
Digestion from a gel band $138 $260