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SLAM: Science Leadership and Management


SLAM Workshop on "Positive feedback mechanisms: Promoting better communication environments in research groups" will take place on February 7 (register here by Jan. 23).

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What is SLAM?

Grad school is a great place to gain scientific expertise – but that's hardly the only thing you’ll need in your future as a PhD. Are you ready to lead a group? Manage your coworkers? Mentor budding scientists? To address the many interpersonal issues that arise in a scientific workplace, grad students from Chemistry, Physics, and MCB founded SLAM: Science Leadership and Management.

This is a seminar series focused on understanding the many interpersonal interactions critical for success in a scientific lab, as well as some practical aspects of lab management.  The target audience for this course is upper-level science graduate students with broad interests and backgrounds, and the skills discussed will be applicable to a variety of career paths. Postdocs are also welcome to attend.

SLAM is sponsored by QB3 and VSPA, with additional support from the Department of Chemistry and the LBNL Chemical Sciences Division.

For more information, please contact Abby Knight.

SLAM Organizers
Organizers (From Left to Right): Bob Bergman, Ben Thuronyi, Jess Lee, Cheri Ackerman, Abby Knight, Michael Cole, Latisha Paw U, John Haberstroh. (Not pictured): Anna Harley-Trochimczyk, Annie Chantarojsiri.


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