The Career Field Resource pages describe the more common fields that employ scientists with advanced training, with a short list of websites which will help you understand the field. Each section has:

  • at least one or two articles to provide an overview of the field or career paths;
  • resources specific to Berkeley (access to opportunities you can pursue while a student or postdoc);
  • more general sources of information including professional associations, sites with industry news and career advice, and fellowship/job listings.

Government, Policy, and Advocacy

Working in the federal government provides the opportunity to continue to do scientific research, and also pursue many other types of roles such as research administration and program management, all with the underlying goal of public service.  Policy and advocacy involve the promotion and application of science – and generally take place in government or nonprofit settings.

Berkeley Resources

General Resources

  • Jobs for Scientists in the Federal Government – presented in 2014 by Lori M. Conlan, PhD, OITE, National Institutes of Health (download the pdf of the powerpoint, slide 3-4 provides an overview of the types of bench and non-bench jobs in the government for STEM PhDs
  • USAJOBS – clearinghouse for all federal government jobs (with all agencies).   Around 19:19 into this video, there is a step-by-step example of how to apply for a government position.
  • National labs in the United States
  • ORISE – Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education strengthens the U.S. federal STEM workforce by assessing current science and technology (S&T) labor trends; administering appointments with both research participation programs and Science, Technology and Policy (STP) programs; and measuring program performance.
  • NSF – offers an overview of career paths within the agency
  • NIH –  job listings and excellent career resources available through the OITE (Office of Intramural Training & Education)
  • FDA – in particular the section on career descriptions
  • USDA – in particular the “Agricultural Research Service
  • Gateway to Federal Opportunities for Graduate Students  – the site was established to be the primary source for searching federally-sponsored opportunities for graduate students and graduate study programs in STEM areas

Careers in Science Policy

Careers in Advocacy