About the program

The California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences at UC Berkeley (QB3-Berkeley) partners with local biotech companies to offer hands-on summer internships to UC Berkeley undergraduates. QB3-Berkeley seeks top applicants for 10-week paid internship positions, where students will learn scientific techniques and contribute to state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research projects. Interns become paid, full-time employees of the biotech company for the duration of the internship.

Interns gain the benefit of experience

Interns spend approximately 10 weeks learning laboratory techniques and contributing to specific interdisciplinary research projects as paid employees. They also acquire real-world research experience on a long-term project, earn income to help cover college expenses and expand their technical, communication, time management, and leadership skills. The experience proves invaluable when they apply to graduate school or seek future employment.

Industry partners find stellar students

QB3-Berkeley’s selection process ensures that your company finds highly qualified students who meet your specific needs. Applicants are reviewed based on GPA, course work, and lab experience, and then qualified applicant packets (including a statement of purpose, transcripts, and letters of recommendation) are sent to the partner company. Company staff then interview potential interns and make their selection. Interns are hired as full-time, summer employees, at a competitive salary level.

How to partner with us

QB3-Berkeley works closely with the HR staff at partner companies to help create an internship experience that benefits students and companies. Key steps to ensure a successful placement include establishing intern supervisors and creating internship job descriptions.

Target dates for the 2024 program (dates are subject to change)

    • February 9th – The deadline Extended for companies to submit specific job descriptions
    • February 9th – Partner Company Info Session
    • February 16th – Online Meet & Greet event for applicants and companies
    • February 19 – Companies view student applications and start conducting interviews
    • March 18-23 – Target date for companies to make offers to students
    • May/June – Internships begin

*Event is subject to change based on UC Berkeley’s event rules and conditions come the spring semester.

Company interest in hosting a Summer Undergraduate Biotech Intern

Please fill out this form if your company is interested in hosting a Summer Undergraduate Biotech Intern.

Contact us to learn more: qb3interns@berkeley.edu