Guidelines & what you will find in the QB3-Berkeley IDP

Each QB3-Berkeley Individual Development Plan (IDP) for doctoral students includes two sections:

The first part contains assessment questions for the trainee. These questions are for self-reflection and organizing thoughts, ideas and ultimately prioritizing what might be discussed with a research advisor or another mentor. Three general categories are addressed in the assessment questions for doctoral students: 

  1. Goals in Graduate School;
  2. Mentoring, Community and Well-being; and
  3. Career Planning.

The second part of the IDP provides a framework for setting goals and taking actions in the next year. The purpose of this part is to help shape discussions with your advisors/mentors on how to achieve your goals. Faculty and trainees have reported that reviewing these talking points together facilitates goal setting/planning. Remember, sharing the self-reflection portion of the IDP is optional, but may help your mentor(s) gain insights into your needs. Students who experience difficulty with the IDP process might consider seeking the support of your program’s graduate advisor.

Use our IDP templates in conjunction with QB3-Berkeley resources.

Please note that the postdoc IDP is similarly structured: Career Planning, Goals for Postdoc Position, and Mentoring, Community and Well-being. There are several alternative online IDP tools especially appropriate for postdocs, listed under additional resources.