The Career Field Resource pages describe the more common fields that employ scientists with advanced training, with a short list of websites which will help you understand the field. Each section has:

  • at least one or two articles to provide an overview of the field or career paths;
  • resources specific to Berkeley (access to opportunities you can pursue while a student or postdoc);
  • more general sources of information including professional associations, sites with industry news and career advice, and fellowship/job listings. 

Science and the Law: Tech Transfer, Intellectual Property, and Regulatory Affairs

Intellectual property is the area of law dealing with patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.  Tech transfer has to do specifically with transitioning technology from university to the for-profit sector for commercialization. Regulatory affairs is about compliance with all regulations and laws pertaining to a business (such as drugs or medical devices) – generally working with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

Berkeley Resources

  • Berkeley IPIRA
  • Patent Law Society (PLS) – This group is comprised of School of Law students but may be a good resource for scientists as well; follow via twitter @BerkeleyPLS.
  • Women in Tech Law– student-led organization that aspires to “…expand the presence of women in the field by providing awareness to the opportunities and potential that tech law can hold for women from both STEM and non-STEM backgrounds.”

General Resources

Careers in Regulatory Affairs