The Career Field Resource pages describe the more common fields that employ scientists with advanced training, with a short list of websites which will help you understand the field. Each section has:

  • at least one or two articles to provide an overview of the field or career paths;
  • resources specific to Berkeley (access to opportunities you can pursue while a student or postdoc);
  • more general sources of information including professional associations, sites with industry news and career advice, and fellowship/job listings. 

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices

When academics talk about a career “in industry” often the reference is to working as a researcher in the private sector. A bench research career is one option in these industries, however, there are many more possibilities to explore: from business development, to science communications, to regulatory affairs, to technical sales and support.

Berkeley Resources

  • PIEP – Postdoc Industry Exploration Program
  • Departmental collaborations and events, such as MCB Industrial Affiliates Program and Chemistry’s ChemX Conference
  • Berkeley Career Engagement events, such as “Biotech Connect”
  • See also our section on Entrepreneurship and trends, impacts of AI and data science, and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in biotechnology.
  • Interviews with Berkeley alumni
    • Gary Lee, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Senti Biosciences Learn about Gary’s experience and insights on how graduate students can prepare for a career in industry here 
    • Mike Holmes, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Ambys Medicine  – Mike reveals his pioneering work in genome editing techniques in gene therapy, and his path from student to industry leader in this interview.
    • Erin Dueber, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Department of Early Discovery Biochemistry, Genentech. This interview describes Erin’s job at Genentech, and the role of exploration and risk taking in career decisions .
    • Rachel Haurwitz, PhD, President and CEO and a co-founder of Caribou Biosciences. “Choosing a career in industry: An interview with Rachel Haurwitz
    • Timothy Day, PhD, CSO and co-founder, DNALite Therapeutics (now called Particella) describes his career transitions – from Kansas to Berkeley to Mission Bay, and from Cal doctoral student to CSO in our exclusive interview.
    • Bilge Ozaydin, PhD, Director of the Strain Discovery and Development group at Pivot Bio, shares her scientific and professional journey which crossed the globe.
    • Annie Tsong, PhD, chief strategy and product officer at Amyris, a company founded out of UC Berkeley’s Jay Keasling’s lab, visited campus in 2024 – read this synopsis of the event – includes career advice and insights

General Resources