The Career Field Resource pages describe the more common fields that employ scientists with advanced training, with a short list of websites which will help you understand the field. Each section has:

  • at least one or two articles to provide an overview of the field or career paths;
  • resources specific to Berkeley (access to opportunities you can pursue while a student or postdoc);
  • more general sources of information including professional associations, sites with industry news and career advice, and fellowship/job listings. 

Data Analytics

Data scientists generally have a research-based career in government, industry or for nonprofits – for example working in technology or healthcare organizations. For most roles, it is helpful to have both technical skills and an understanding of the business or industry problems that you might solve. 

Berkeley Resources

  • Graduate Data Science Organization
  • CDIPS – Career Development Initiative for the Physical Sciences
  • Data Science By Design a “community of practice to curate ideas about data narratives, innovative communication approaches and aesthetic visual design principles” 
  • D-Lab – offers various resources for honing programming and data analysis skills.
  • Career Center – attend events, such as “Data Science Career Connections” and the annual Engineering/Tech Career Conference. Make use of resources such as Handshake which has job and internship postings, and career fair information.
  • Signatures Innovation Fellows Program – “supports innovative research by UC Berkeley researchers in the data science and technology areas with a special focus on projects that hold commercial promise.”

General Resources