Bo Wan

Lecturer, Fudan University, China

Berkeley host: Professor Qiang Zhou

Research Summary

The regulation of gene transcription by RNA polymerase II is critical for development and differentiation, and its misregulation contributes to the pathogenesis of cancers and HIV.

My research project focuses on the functional role of Super Elongation Complexes (SECs) in the control of HIV gene expression. SECs, a group of highly related complexes that contain transcription elongation activators/co-activators P-TEFb, ELL2, AFF4/1, ENL, and AF9, is recruited by HIV-1 Tat and mixed lineage leukemia (MLL) proteins to activate the expression of HIV-1 and MLL-target genes. My colleagues and I are investigating the molecular mechanism by which SECs contribute to the reactivation of HIV latency. Insight into this mechanism will hopefully provide effective strategies for eradicating latent HIV reservoirs.

Impact in China

Parallel to the development of Chinese economy and society, life sciences and biomedical research are also developing rapidly, and there is an increasing need for more scientific exchanges between China and the outside world. I cherish this excellent opportunity to learn the most advanced scientific concepts and research designs/methods from leading scientists at UC Berkeley. I hope to become a bridge to facilitate more scientific exchanges between UC Berkeley and my home institution, Fudan University in China, in the future.


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(*Co-first author)