Zhijun Wang

Associate Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

Berkeley host: Professor Michael Botchan

Research Summary

1) My first research project focuses on the physiological function of bacterial DNA phosphorothioate modification. My colleagues and I collaborated to show that many bacteria contain DNA that is stereo-specifically and sequence-specifically sulfur-modified (phosphorothioate). Because of its sequence-specificity, we hypothesized that it is related to the function of the modification. The search for a biological function of DNA S-modification resulted in the discovery that the modification can function as a restriction endonuclease inhibitor in trans. I will next use structural biology techniques to uncover the related mechanism of the inhibition. An insight into this mechanism would hopefully provide a new theory for phosphorothioate DNA based inhibitor design.

2) I am also conducting research to discover the active form of the enzyme that separates the strands of DNA during the process of DNA replication. The eukaryotic helicase, known as “CMG,” is a protein complex composed of eleven different subunits and its structure is believed to be conserved in all eukaryotes from yeast to humans. Using recombinant DNA methods, I am working to over-express the eleven proteins to eventually purify CMG to homogeneity and examine its structure at the atomic level using X-ray crystallographic diffraction methods. A detailed structure of the CMG will ultimately provide a deeper understanding of how chromosomes organize the replication machine during cell division and will help in the design of chemotherapy drugs which often target DNA replication factors.

Impact in China

Science and technology in China are developing rapidly, supported by large financial investments. There is a great need not only for more scientific activity, but also for an ever increasing level of scientific excellence. Interacting directly with great scientists, as Tang Scholars can do here at Berkeley, provides Chinese scholars with an opportunity to strengthen our connection to the world’s leading scientists and also share our knowledge with the expanding scientific community in China.


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(*Co-first author)